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· 1931Foundation of the machine factory Heinrich Neuhaus at delmenhourst
· 1965Detlef Neuhaus, the son of the founder, joins the company doing field service
· 1967Foundation of the company Neotec
· 1968Detlef Neuhaus takes over the company of his father
· 1970First co-operation with Amandus Kahl
· 1975Purchase of 20,000m² of premises at Ganderkesee as company site
· 1981Delivery of the first green coffee silo to Melitta and Aldi
· 1982Planning, production and erection of a green coffee silo for Jakobs
· 1983Joint order for Neuhaus and Neotec by Nestle pilot plant for the ‘Nespresso’ production in Switzerland
· 1987Foundation of the company Neuhaus Neotec - large - scale order placed by coffee companies worldwide for complete turn-key factories follow: Spar Regio/Austra, Marvelo/Netherlands, Nestle Hills/USA, Brooks/Japan, Kraft foods/USA, Proctor & Camble/USA
· 1990Amandus Kahl take over the majority of shares of Neuhaus Neotec, foundation of the KAHL Group
· 2006The KAHL Group has almost 500 employees
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